The Complete Upgrade Your Writing Series DVD 下载

The Complete Upgrade Your Writing Series DVD 下载-必要-网学宝
The Complete Upgrade Your Writing Series DVD 下载
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The Complete Upgrade Your Writing Series DVD 下载
The Complete Upgrade Your Writing Series DVD 下载

 本宝贝总计10册,是完整版,每册都包含 PDF+Video



The best writers really know how to express their ideas and impress their readers. If you have trouble achieving these goals, then you need to Upgrade Your Writing — with Video Aided Instruction! This user-friendly series makes it easier than ever to develop those basic writing skills: it helps middle school students through adults (especially challenged learners requiring remediation) take their written communication to the next level. 

With these unique programs, viewers will master the tricks of: 

* brainstorming and getting ideas down on paper 

* turning a jumble of ideas into a structured outline 

* beating procrastination and treating “blinking cursor syndrome” 

* writing sentences that are varied, interesting, and grammatically correct 

* constructing paragraphs that hang together cohesively and are divided logically 

* guiding the reader gracefully from each point to the next 

* writing captivating introductions and compelling conclusions 

* excelling in poetry, short stories, and other creative writing assignments 

* learning new words by using roots, prefixes, suffixes, context clues, word cards, etc. 

* avoiding errors in spelling, punctuation, agreement, word choice, and other areas 

* and much, much more! 

So don’t let yourself be embarrassed by writing that is incoherent, disorganized, or full of mistakes. With this virtual “writing clinic on DVD,” you can Upgrade Your Writing and be proud of your performance on any academic assignment or real-world writing task! 

NOTE: The 10 DVDs in this invaluable series make ideal self-study aids (perfect for circulation by school, college, and public libraries and writing centers). They’re also the ultimate resources for educators (teachers, professors, administrators, etc.) who wish to further their own professional development, provide in-service training for their staff members, or supplement and enhance their classroom lessons. 

Ten DVDs/Approx 13 Hrs. Item #VAI-2104.